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Digital health solutions have enormous potential in transforming healthcare. But there are many barriers to widespread adoption into clinical care: concerns about trustworthiness, usefulness, cost-effectiveness, ease of integration into clinical workflows and existing IT infrastructure, tedious onboarding processes, and more.

Mayo Clinic Platform is changing that.
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A better way to adopt digital health solutions

Mayo Clinic Platform connects health systems to qualified digital health solutions that can integrate into clinical workflows smoothly and efficiently.

Seamless integration and contracting

With Mayo Clinic Platform, hospitals can integrate solutions into clinical workflows seamlessly. Our technical framework will sync with your existing EHR and IT infrastructure, alleviating the burden on your IT team.

Rapid deployment

Once a solution is integrated into a clinical workflow, new solutions can be added easily and efficiently in clinical settings. We offer the flexibility to grow and scale as your needs evolve.

Extensive user training

Our experts will work closely with your clinicians and staff to support digital transformation.

Solution categories

Mayo Clinic Platform curates digital health solutions to address healthcare’s most pressing needs. New solution categories are constantly being added.


Administrative solutions offer opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce administrative burden.


Clinical solutions span a number of specialties and are designed to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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