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Introducing Mayo Clinic Platform_Solutions Studio.
A faster and smarter way to go from idea to integration into clinical workflows.
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Advantages of partnering
with Mayo Clinic Platform

Break through the credibility and trust barrier with a solution that goes through a qualification process.

Accelerate commercialization and reduce technical and contracting burden without the need for large budgets for IT infrastructure or large tech teams.

Increase adoption and growth by gaining visibility to the Mayo Clinic Platform ecosystem.

From idea to integration into clinical workflows

Mayo Clinic Platform speeds up the journey from development to deployment of digital health solutions, with:

Clinical assessment and qualification of solution by world-class experts.


Standardized contracting processes, marketing opportunities, and access to the Mayo Clinic Platform ecosystem.


Specialized insights and guidance from Mayo Clinic experts, and access to implementation services.


Clean, curated, diverse de-identified clinical data for model development and improvement.


Library of tools with analytics and federated training capabilities.

Deployment made easy

Mayo Clinic Platform is your partner all the way. We ensure:
Faster time to market with a reliable team to operationalize a solution and take it to market quickly
Real-time patient and device data ingestion, data harmonization, and normalization to run models in diverse ecosystems
Best-in-class technical framework and efficient integration into clinical workflows without the need for a large budget or IT team
IT security and privacy protocols compliant with regulatory standards

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