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There’s a better way for hospitals to adopt digital solutions

Mayo Clinic Platform shares Mayo Clinic’s patient-first commitment in everything we do. Our rigorous qualification process to ensure every digital health solution on Mayo Clinic Platform is ethical, fair, and transparent is a testament to that commitment.

Healthcare leaders can put aside their concerns over data bias, technical complexity, and high costs of adopting digital health solutions, and innovators now have a direct path from idea to integration into clinical workflows.
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The Mayo Clinic Platform approach

High standards

Through our rigorous review and qualification process we are committed to enabling responsibly developed digital health solutions to integrate into clinical workflows and improve patient care.

Easy adoption

Our streamlined process fast-tracks commercialization and adoption of digital health solutions and makes it easier to integrate solutions into clinical workflows.

Trusted collaboration

You partner with a world-class organization focused on patient-first innovation.

How we select solutions

Our proprietary qualification process includes evaluation from teams of world-class physicians, data scientists, and AI experts. Solutions that have successfully gone through the process are qualified and made available to you through Mayo Clinic Platform.

Solutions offered through Mayo Clinic Platform have completed a comprehensive and objective evaluation supported by the principles of Responsible AI, to review a solution’s intended use, value, performance and clinical risk.

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Solution categories

Mayo Clinic Platform curates digital health solutions to address healthcare’s most pressing needs. New solution categories are constantly being added.


Administrative solutions offer opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce administrative burden.


Clinical solutions span a number of specialties and are designed to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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